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Drosophila Embryo Injection Services  
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Billing Information

  • We prefer that you set up an account with us. Usually we do our billing after injection and the invoice is sent to you by mail/email.

  • We accept credit card payment. You may input the credit card information online via the secure credit card transaction interface; or if you prefer, you may give the information over the phone. We accept Visa, Master, American Express and Discover.

  • We do not require a Purchase Order number. If your institution insists to have a PO number for every expense, please put the PO number in the order form. We will present that number in the invoice.

  • For all company/commercial accounts, we require 100% payment in advance.

  • If you have any other billing question or concern, please email us at:

    or call +1-888-821-9155


updated 7/31/2021

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